Hawaiian Foodie Terms

Hawaiian Food Dictionary

This will be a work in progress as I come across words and terms in the creation of Maui’s Best Restaurants. 

  • Kalua Pork: (kah-loo-ah) When possible Kalua Pork is steaming either the whole Pig or shoulder/butt portions in a traditional pit/underground Oven (Imu). An Imu is made from Hot Rocks & Ti Leaves.   If not Imu, a Pork shoulder or butt, can be rubbed with Hawaiian Sea Salt, wrapped in Ti leaves, and slowly cooked in oven using liquid mesquite smoke.
  • Kau Kau: (cow cow) Eat! [ We go Kau Kau!]
  • Pulehu: (pu-lay-who) BBQ, traditionally over an open flame. [Eh Brah! You like Pulehu tonight?]
  • Poke Bowl: (po-kay) [Poke & Beer!] A Hawaiian staple in our diet, Poke Bowls are now the latest craze on the “Mainland” (Continental US). Fresh, raw Ahi Tuna mixed with Shoyu, raw Onion and Seaweed. Now days there are MANY different varieties!